The Largest Aquarium in the World

We finally made our way to the largest aquarium in the world. We had tried once before on a Thanksgiving weekend a few years back but it was sold out. I’m so glad we came back on an off day in April. We could wander free from crowds and get up close and linger awhile.


We always have to stick our hands in the touch tank. Here the water is surprisingly cold and the anemone tentacles behave more plant- like than animal-like.


Stingrays are steady movers and they tend to make loops. Sometimes they rest on the bottom. To me they have personalities similar to cats. They are very aware and present in their environments, but remain aloof.

Hello penguins! They paid no attention to people popping up and down in the plexiglass windows whatsoever. They are certainly their own species. Again, a cold climate encounter.


We also enjoyed the unexpected frog exhibit.


We hope to visit the The Georgia Aquarium again soon. (


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