20130330-120211.jpgWe went to SeaWorld on Thursday of spring break. Apparently the entire world is on break the week before Easter. So, saying it was crowded was an understatement.

The last time I went to SeaWorld was in July and the temperature was 105! That was so traumatic, I hadn’t gone back 10 years since, but I’m glad I finally did.

I like to explore natural exhibits most when I travel. I’m personally not a thrill seeker. I know big rides are a huge lure for theme parks, but what draws me in most are the natural wonders of this world.

SeaWorld has done a great job of showcasing God’s glorious sea creatures.

How can we wonder at the manta rays, the flamingos, the polar bears, the killer whales, the coral reefs…and not see God at work? He’s also alive in the 105 degree sun, the frigid arctic waters in the Shamu splash zone, alive in the balmy cool winter Florida breeze, and clearly alive on each child’s face watching a walrus feed.

SeaWorld allows us to encounter some of God’s most fascinating creatures. Any day we get to immerse ourselves in the glory of God’s creation and touch our hands to the glass a few feet away from a multitude of manta rays is a day well spent.



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