Where Can You Camp On the Ocean in the Florida Keys?


The kids have great memories of our camping trip at Long Key State Park. You camp right on the ocean here in the Florida Keys.

where can you camp on the ocean in the florida keys?

We took two cars, and a lot more stuff than we actually needed. Like this screen room. The bugs thankfully weren’t as bad as we thought they might be. We have been in the keys before when the night air was thick with swarming Mosquitos. Better safe than sorry I guess. We gladly chose to sit fireside.


We decided to camp on a weekend when the moon was full so we would have better visibility at night. The full moon reflecting off the water cast a magical glow across the shoreline offering up an enchanting evening view.We stayed up late then crawled into our big blue tent. You can tell the girls were just exhausted. ; ) Then it rained! Jeff and I looked at each other simultaneously as the cloud unloaded on us. I considered a mad dash to the van, but fortunately, our tent stayed dry. Phew.


Good morning sunshine!


When morning came, Jeff cooked breakfast on the grill and then we ventured out for a day on the ocean.


Tara found some sea creatures while Val, our bookworm, enjoyed some time reading Lord of the Rings.


Mikey flung his cast net in the shallows looking for some bait fish.

Mikey didn’t get much sleep in his tent either. So, he grabbed some shut eye while waiting for dinner to cook.


I love this marshmallow picture. What’s a campout without smores?


We stayed two nights. I dreamt I was trapped in a large crinkly WalMart bag. Sleepless night #2 for me, didn’t phase the kids one bit.


Our final day was spent hiking the camp trails and exploring beyond the beach. I would have liked to kayak, but we didn’t get the chance on this trip.


That afternoon, the time had arrived to pack up our gear.

The kids grabbed the walkie-talkies and got settled in the cars for the long ride home.


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